Shenika Cantrell


Education & Credentials

Roseman College of Dental Medicine; South Jordan, UT


Biochemistry, University of Washington; Seattle, WA


As my patient, you can expect a comprehensive exam addressing your dental wants and needs with open communication, so together we can achieve your ideal smile.


My favorite movie is Sherlock Holmes because of the cleverness and wit. My favorite flowers are my grandma's orchids and peonies. I am a true Disneyland fanatic and I visit the Disney resorts whenever the opportunity arises.

Volunteer/Service Experience

Give Kids A Smile, Little Bit Therapeutic Ranch, Teaching Ethnic Empowerment Toward Healthcare


After being born without a front tooth, an implant was placed and I realized the immense impact the dental industry can have on quality of life. I became a dentist to share my journey with my patients. During my spare time, I enjoy horseback riding, practicing yoga and traveling.

Professional Associations

American Dental Association, California Dental Association


Dental Student Award from American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Distinguished Person-Centered Award - Roseman College of Dental Medicine